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So he was putting his finger around and in my ass and I accidentally farted!​ I accidentally farted while having anal sex with my boyfriend.​ My girlfriend told me that if we are having anal sex and she farts then my dick will explode because of the rush of gas, is this true? › articles › things-i-wish-i-knew-before.

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By Nelar - 19:44
Before then, my opinions on anal sex were ignorant. Based on what he said, I thought maybe I could try it and, if I were lucky, could really like it, too. Although farting during sex happens sometimes, so whatever no need.
By JoJojar - 01:58
Hey guys, just a little question, me and my boyfriend are having one little issue with anal sex, I can penetrate him without any issues, but when it.
By Femi - 13:21
Is there anything I can do ahead of time or after to stop this? It could be that the thrusting motion during anal sex allowed for more air to enter.
By Gardalar - 04:12
If you've been thinking about giving some backdoor loving a try, here are 21 prepare for anal sex, what to expect during and after, and what NOT to do. After anal sex, you may fart for what feels like an eternity, but really it's.
By Turg - 11:24
What happens to one if one has to fart while one is wearing a butt plug? —Gays Are Simply Stumped, Yes And Sincerely So. If one is wearing a.

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